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TradeHappy Trader Story - AJ

The TH trader blog posts are an opportunity for traders outside of the TradeHappy family to see what it is like to join the TradeHappy and trade our capital. In this series, we send questions to our current TradeHappy traders from evaluation to Elite traders about their trading history, what they are learning currently, and plans for the future.

● For anyone, that does not know who you are. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is AJ, and I am an accountant. I also have a YouTube channel where I create entertaining content such as social experiments and challenges.

● How did you get started in trading?

I was introduced by my cousin who worked for a spread betting company.

● Can you briefly describe your strategy?

A simple break and re-test strategy on the 15min TF. I have a set of rules that the trade need to meet before I place a trade.

● What advice would you give to a trader on the edge of being profitable?

If you have a statistically profitable strategy that has been back tested then it’s all about mindset

● Do you have 1 trade that you remember or stood out? Good or bad

Yes I placed a trade with small lots 0.01 and slowly increased once it was going against me – in other words using the martingale strategy. It blew my account.

● Is there anyone inside or outside of trading that you look up to?

Harvey specter – as his confidence and charm is admirable.

● If you could change one thing about the current trading industry, what would it be?

No guarantee source of income and seems really corporate

● What advice would you give to someone who struggles with discipline or patience when trading their plan?

Write up a trading plan that you need to follow no ifs or buts – don’t cheat yourself (easy said than done)

● What would you say to anyone that says they don’t have time to trade or learn how to trade?

Find a strategy that requires less chart analysis – I have a full time job and I try to also trade when I can (obviously taking trades that fit my trade check list)

If you want to join the next academy season, click here or watch the video below to find more information on the TradeHappy academy.

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