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TradeHappy Trader Story - Paul

The academy trader blog posts are an opportunity for traders outside of the TradeHappy family to see what it is like to join the TradeHappy academy. In this series we send questions to our current academy traders about their trading history, what they are learning currently and plans for the future.

The TradeHappy Academy enables traders to grow their knowledge of the foreign exchange markets. Before trading live capital, traders will go through a 4-week training process to ensure all traders have the trading skills required to trade up to $2,000,000.

● For anyone, that does not know who you are. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Paul. In my 50’s, married with two kids and two grand kids. Next door’s cat also stays a lot. Was in the music industry until 1994, travelled the world then settled down in Yorkshire. Was laid of from my sector of IT just before Covid.

● How did you get started in trading?

Whilst waiting for Lockdown 1 to pass I saw things online and decided it could be a potential new way of earning a living, without a boss to make mistakes on my behalf.

● Can you briefly describe your strategy?

Have tried most things but am currently working on 4Hr position trading with Gary’s EMA and for once I am consistently making profits. The EMA has two clusters of 6, whereby the short ones represent trader like performance, following price closely, and the longer six represent investor like performance, with longer trend following. There is a simple entry set up and a few options for exit. It’s quite simple and yet covers quite a complex trading position with a high success rate. The successful trades can turn into quite long runs which boosts the returns and R:R ratio quite significantly.

● Why did you join the TradeHappy academy?

I was on the verge of giving up and thought it was time to admit that Forex was a scam, but after seeing an interview with Jacob on YouTube I did some more investigating and realised that he really had a very honest approach to the whole thing. I looked back on some of his live trades and saw that they were genuine and found he wasn’t trying to sell an overpriced magic formula for overnight success. I like the enthusiasm and feel of the group which I didn’t get with other Prop firms. The deal to enter the challenge via the Academy was excellent value for money and made total sense to me.

● What have you learnt from the TradeHappy academy?

To have much more confidence in what I’m doing and far better risk management. Also to take a more relaxed, but precise attitude to trading with discipline and focus.

● What advice would you give to a trader on the edge of being profitable?

Read/Listen to inspirational books to give you the feeling that thousands more have been down the same path and succeeded. Join the TradeHappy academy as it’s the best value for money I personally have ever spent, regarding Forex and Trading. I wish I’d done so a year ago and saved a small fortune (and saved a lot of stressful days/nights).

● Do you have 1 trade that you remember or stood out? Good or bad

Got to be one of my first disasters. After making £1,200 in a day on several reckless but lucky trades, the next day was a Friday and I was just about BE at lunch time. Foolishly I went back online at 3pm and my trading system (a simple reverse strategy) failed me with a ludicrously high value trade. I started to move my SL thinking the market was on the verge of turning again. By 8pm that night I’d lost £2,000. Not a great weekend to dwell on it. My SL’s are set in concrete now, unless I’m moving them to BE or trailing a positive trade. A very expensive lesson learned.

● Would you recommend the TradeHappy academy to other traders?

Absolutely. I previously failed on CTI and FTMO, both of which I passed all the targets apart from the daily drawdown limit. I found them both very unhelpful, even when some issues were at their end. I’ve found TradeHappy a totally different organisation with lots of help and info even before I start the challenge. The TradeHappy goal is to coach and keep traders long term, rather than just see them as cash cows for their challenge fees.

If you want to join the next academy season, click here or watch the video below to find more information on the TradeHappy academy.

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