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Have the best chance of

getting funded $2,000,000.

The TradeHappy Academy enables traders to grow their knowledge of the foreign exchange markets. Before trading live capital, traders will go through a 4-week training process to ensure all traders have the trading skills required to trade up to $2,000,000.

4 week training


Week 1

Risk Management
 ✔ Questionnaire
✔ Goal setting
✔ Testing current skill
✔ Setting expectations
1-1 mentoring call
Excel journal sheet
Trade management
Risk psychology 

Week 2

Mindset Development Week
✔ Building habits
✔ Building routines
Creating certainty
Building confidence
Growth mindset
Psychology of trading
Dealing with losses
1-1 mentoring call

Week 3

Strategy Development Week
✔ Strategy creation
✔ Live examples
Build confidence
1-1 mentoring call
Scalping strategy
Swing trading strategy
Effective testing
Access to MT4 coder

Week 4

Trading Plan
Development Week
✔ $20,000 challenge
✔ Prep for live trading
Set up MT4 algorithms
1-1 mentoring call
Performance review
Training summary

What you will receive when you're a TradeHappy trader.

✔ Academy Traders: Receive training from our full-time coaching team to help you with performance, psychology, and stress.

✔ Dedicated MT4 Programmers: All TradeHappy traders have access to programmers that code anything they need.

✔ Yearly Wage: Stop worrying about needing to make money, we have you covered with as much as £60,000 yearly wage.

✔ Team Holidays: Become an Elite trader? As a team, we travel the world and get exclusive experiences.

✔ Daily Team Calls: Our daily team calls make sure our abroad traders are held to the same standard as our in-house traders.

✔ Direct Market Execution: We trade directly with a liquidity provider through a third party technology partner

✔ Team Performance Rewards: We are one firm working towards a goal. If we hit our company metrics we all get rewarded.

✔ Flexible Trading Styles: Trade any trading strategy, style, any time of the day, hedge positions, leave trades over the weekend.

✔ Remote Trading: Work from anywhere in the world with all the benefits of an in-house trading firm.

Monday - Friday

8 PM CET Discord calls.

Guided process to trading profitably.

Each month we open the Academy to traders and once it closes, we focus all our attention on providing as much value as possible to those traders. 
Online Shopping
Virtual Team Meeting

1-1 Mentoring Sessions

During the 4 weeks of training with Jacob, you will receive 4 1-1 sessions. Once the 4 weeks training has ended, you will then receive another lifetime 1-1 sessions to keep you on track with your challenge. 

24 hours to join.

Each month we open the Academy for only 24 hours so make sure to be quick. If you miss the 24 hour period, you need to wait for next month's release.
Online Shopping

April Academy Opens In: