Have the best chance of becoming a 7-figure trader

The TradeHappy Academy enables traders to grow their knowledge of the foreign exchange markets.
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4 weeks personalised training

The TradeHappy Academy enables traders to master the foreign exchange markets. 
Before trading live capital, traders will go through a 4-week training program to ensure all 
traders have the trading skills required to trade up to $2,000,000.

Week 1
Risk management

After week 1, you will have confidence and predictability with your trading whilst being able to control risk per trade/account exposure.

Monday: Welcome, Questionnaire, Focus
Tuesday: Setting expectations, Goals, Nbuntu mentality
Wednesday: Risk psychology, Risk > Reward, Trade management
Thursday: 1-1 mentoring call
Friday: Recap, Excel backtesting sheet, Task for next week
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Week 2
Mindset development

After week 2, you will understand yourself, your emotions, psychology of trading, develop discipline and techniques to reduce stress.

Monday: Importance of mindset, Strong mindset, Patience, Routines

Tuesday: Psychology of trading, Resources to learn, Emotions
Wednesday: Building confidence, Creating certainty, Mentality of winners
Thursday: 1-1 mentoring call
Friday: Recap, Strategy preperation for week 3

Week 3
Strategy training

After week 3, you will have multiple strategies that we have tested, systems to trade effectively and a step by step process to follow.

Monday: Strategy vs mindset, Strategy confidence, The details

Tuesday: Scaling strategy showcase and questions
Wednesday: Swing strategy showcase and questions
Thursday: 1-1 mentoring call
Friday: Recap, Focus on live capital and preperation
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Week 4
Trading plan development

By the end of week 4, you will have a full trading plan that includes routines, strategies, risk management, psychology tips and more.

Monday: Preperation for live trading, Mindset recap

Tuesday: Receive your $20,000 challenge account, Contracts
Wednesday: Receive the TradeHappy trade panel, Charts
Thursday: 1-1 mentoring call
Friday: Training summary, Focus points, Mindset boost
Training can change depending on the trader's requirements.

12 Months of Audible books paid by TradeHappy

Every month you use Audible, TradeHappy will cover the costs of your Audible subscription up to 12 months. 
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1-1 Mentoring Sessions

Improve your trading faster and get predictable results 
after every weekly 1-1 mentoring call.

Guided process to create predictable results

We make sure all our traders have a personal guided process to improve their trading and build a step by step guide.
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The TradeHappy better tomorrow promise

For every TradeHappy academy trader, we will plant a tree to help the global ecosystem. Every trader that joins us is making the world a better place.

$20,000 Challenge Account

All our academy traders receive a $20,000 challenge account at the end of their training. This gives all our traders a chance to scale the capital.
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Free Forex Tester 5 Lifetime License 

We give a free Forex Tester 5 lifetime license to all our academy traders, to enable them to backtest their strategy with confidence that they are getting the best results.

Academy traders

Let some of the TradeHappy academy traders tell you what we are about and why we are different to any proprietary trading firm in the world.

Jacob, Academy Trader

Excellent place to develop and become a proficient trader. I have seen massive difference in my trading and I have learnt a lot.


Paul, Academy Trader

The coaching and mentoring is all included and they really want to help you to achieve success in your trading and goals.


Join The Academy Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a $20,000 challenge account at the end of the training?

Yes, all academy traders receive a $20,000 challenge account at the end of the training no matter how they have performed. If you decide the academy is not for you or you are removed from the academy, your challenge account will not be sent to you.

Can I be removed from the academy training?

Yes. You can be removed from the training if you do the following top 3 reasons:

1. Fail to show up to 3 sessions without any communication before the session starts

2. Be rude to other traders in the academy or the coaching staff
3. Fail to pay for the next weeks installment

How do I join?

The academy will begin at the start of each month. Click the 'Join Now' button and fill in the relevent information on the payment form. You will be paying in 4 installments over the next 4 weeks. This allows traders to try the academy and make sure they are a good fit for TradeHappy without commiting thousounds up-front. If you pay before the start date, you will receive an email with the next steps.

What time are the sessions?

The sessions are flexible. The first session we have will be a discussion between traders and coaches to find the best times for everyone. Once everyone is happy, we will stick to this time Monday - Friday for the next 4 weeks. Typically we have the sessions at 8PM UK time 5 days a week.

Do I receive help outside of the session times?

Yes, we want all our traders to suceed. If you need any help with your trading, message one of the coaches and they will be happy to help you.

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