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  • $5,000 Practice Challenge

$5,000 Practice Challenge


Unlock your trading potential with TradeHappy's $5,000 Practice Challenge! For just $10 a month and a one-time $89 account fee, access a $5,000 practice trading account and start refining your trading skills.


Perfect your strategies in a structured, low-risk environment by meeting a 10% profit target. Successfully complete the challenge and see your name on TradeHappy's leaderboard, aiming for higher prizes throughout the year.


With flexible trading options including weekends, overnight, and news trading, the $5,000 Practice Challenge is your gateway to enhancing your trading performance.


Join today and take the first step toward achieving your trading goals!


For more details, visit TradeHappy's Practice Challenges.

  • Purpose: Develop trading techniques and refine strategies with minimal risk.


    • One Step:
      • Profit Target: 10%


    • Successful challenges get listed on TradeHappy's leaderboard, aiming for higher prizes of the year.


    • Max Challenge Time: 30 days
    • Drawdown:
      • Daily: 5%
      • Absolute: 10%
    • Leverage: 1:33

    Trading Conditions:

    • Weekend, overnight, and news trading allowed.
    • Minimum 10 active trading days.


    • Support from experienced traders and mentors.
    • Access to TradeHappy community forums.
    • Receive 9000 Reward Points upon reaching the challenge's target.


    • Upgrade to a funded account upon successful completion.


    • $10 monthly fee.
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