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  • $2,500 Scaling Challenge

$2,500 Scaling Challenge


Unlock your trading potential with TradeHappy's $2,500 Scaling Challenge! For just $10 a month, access a $2,500 trading account and start your journey toward managing larger capital.


Develop your skills in strategic thinking and effective risk management by hitting profit targets at each level. Enjoy a profit split and grow your capital as you progress through the challenge levels.


With flexible trading options including weekends, overnight, and news trading, the $2,500 Scaling Challenge is your gateway to elevating your trading expertise.


Join today and take the first step toward achieving your trading goals!


For more details, visit TradeHappy's Scaling Challenges.

  • Purpose: Develop skills in managing larger capital and effective risk management.


    • Progressive Levels with Profit Targets:
      • Targets range from 10% to 12.5% at each level.
    • Profit Split:
      • Starts at 60% and adjusts as you progress.

    Account Growth:

    • Account Sizes:
      • Start with $2,500 and scale up to $400,000.
    • Total Profit Potential:
      • Ranges from $250 to $40,000 as you progress.


    • Drawdown:
      • Absolute Drawdown: $125 to $16,000 as you progress.
      • Drawdown Percentage: 5%

    Trader Levels:

    • From Evaluation to Elite Master Trader, based on your performance and growth.

    Trading Conditions:

    • Weekend, overnight, and news trading allowed.


    • $10 monthly fee.
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