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  • $2,500 Direct Funding

$2,500 Direct Funding


Step into the world of professional Forex trading with TradeHappy's $2,500 Direct Funding option! For just $10 a month and a one-time $149 account fee, access a $2,500 funded trading account and enjoy the freedom to trade without time constraints.


With a profit target of 20% and a 70% profit split, you can focus on maximizing your trading performance. Take advantage of 1:33 leverage and the flexibility to trade on weekends, overnight, and during news events.


Join today and unleash your trading potential!


For more details, visit TradeHappy's Direct Funding options.

  • Purpose: Empower traders with greater control and flexibility.


    • Two Steps:
      • Step 1: Profit Target: 20%
      • Step 2: N/A

    Profit Split:

    • Funded Account: 70%

    Account Growth:

    • Increase capital by 20% of the initial account size.
    • Account doubled up to $4 million.


    • Drawdown:
      • Maximum Absolute Drawdown: 6%
    • Minimum Request Withdraw: $100

    Trading Conditions:

    • 1:33 leverage
    • Weekend, overnight, and news trading allowed.


    • $10 monthly fee.
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