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TradeHappy Website Design

We had feedback from our previous website design and we listened. Some of the page designs are coming soon and some will be changed by the time this post goes live.

Welcome to the new TradeHappy website design, we hope you prefer it and find it easier to get exactly what you're looking for. Along with the design update, we have multiple updates to the firm, product selection and how we give capital to traders.

Below are some of the big changes we have made:

We are currently developing a Thailand project. Enabling TradeHappy to do more for more traders.

Two options to join. You can now apply for capital if you feel you're ready to trade up to $2,000,000 or join the TradeHappy academy and learn from our coaches.

Application form

We now have a blog/news page for you to see posts about multiple topics.

We now have a tool that can be used exclusively by academy traders, called the Black Box.

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