Learn how to trade up to
$2,000,000 with TradeHappy

Proprietary Forex trading firm creating a home for Forex traders looking for a simple way to trade more, live more and earn more with less stress.

A home for traders

TradeHappy is a home for traders that are looking for more than just capital or a video course with no personalisation.

We fund Forex traders with up to $2,000,000 live capital

We provide our traders with a predictable scaling plan to reward great trading with capital. The better you trade, the more capital you get.
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Mental health and stress free focused trading

All our traders receive an In-depth video course covering psychology, multiple strategies tailored for different psychology profiles, backtesting, and more! Helping you to trade stress free and confidently. 

Trading technology that creates predictable results

We trade directly with a Liquidity provider through a third party technology partner. Have confidence trading with TradeHappy.
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Benefits of joining TradeHappy

✔ Academy Traders: Receive training from our full-time coaching team to help you with performance, psychology, and stress

✔ Yearly Wage: Stop worrying about needing to make money, we have you covered with as much as £60,000 yearly wage

✔ MT4 Programmer: We provide free programming to all TradeHappy funded traders to provide any tools needed

✔ Direct Market Execution: We trade directly with a liquidity provider through a third party technology partner

✔ Mental Health Focus: We support our trader's to reduce the damage trading can do to trader's mental health

✔ Flexible Trading Styles: Trade any trading strategy, style, any time of the day, hedge positions, leave trades over the weekend

✔ Remote Trading: Work from anywhere in the world with all the benefits of an in-house trading firm

✔ Build Your Own Team: Become an Elite trader? Test your skills by building and leading your own trading team

✔ Video Trading Course: Get access to over 20 videos to help you with money management, psychology and strategies

Striving for change

We work with entrepreneurial, disciplined individuals that are happy to push themselves out of their comfort zone. At TradeHappy we help each other build, develop, and scale ideas.

Live MT4 direct market trading execution

We trade directly with a Liquidity provider through a third party technology partner. Have ultimate confidence trading with TradeHappy on MT4.
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Build your own dedicated team of Forex traders

We enable our Elite traders to build their own trading teams and go head to head with other teams in the proprietary firm. 

The TradeHappy better tomorrow promise

For every TradeHappy academy trader, we will plant a tree to help the global ecosystem. Every trader that joins us is making the world a better place.
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Two options to join us

We provide two options for traders to join TradeHappy. You can join the academy and learn to trade with our coaches or apply for capital and receive your capital if you are successful in your application.
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Ready to trade up to $2,000,000? Easily apply for capital and we will review your application
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Learn how to trade up to $2,000,000 and receive capital at the end of the training
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