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About TradeHappy

An open community of Forex traders that can feel at home.

Build Trading Teams.

We enable our Elite traders to build their own trading teams and go head to head with other teams in the proprietary firm. 
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Image by Ameer Basheer

Trader vs Trader Competitions.

Think you could beat another trader? We hold proprietary traders only competitions to test your skills and see who is the best trader.

Live Trading Sessions

5 Times A Week.

Want to ask questions, learn, trade or chill with our traders live? Come and say hi when we are live on our Youtube channel.

Create happy 7 figure traders.

Our goal here at TradeHappy is to create 7 figures that are trading stress-free lives.
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Video Conference

Full trader support.

Had any problems or need some questions answered? We have a team full of traders, happy to help you and answer any questions.

900+ trader Discord community.

Looking to connect with over 900 traders in our Discord community? Come and say hi and introduce yourself to everyone.