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Forex Trading Livestream Sessions | 25th January 2021

Monday 25th January

Today during London we had a conversation covering risk, psychology and our new prop firm!

If this sparks your interest check out the stream at the top of the page!

We went over trading performance and discussed the possibility of just trading during the New York session, this is where back testing our strategy really came into it’s own. We found out that removing London would be a backward move, it would actually have a detrimental effect on our bottom line.

It also became apparent that we have only had one losing week since we developed, back tested and forward tested the strategy.

Finally for the London session, we spent some time setting up MT4 in preparation for the FTMO challenge...ooh and one of the guys shared a great new expert advisor that will make trade entry so much easier!

During New York we continued setting up mt4 and preparing for the FTMO trial. We also had two losing trades, but as always we trust in our plan that’s showing huge gains for the month.