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  • gwclucastrade

Forex Trading Livestream Sessions | 22nd January 2021

London/New York 22nd January

Bit of a chilled stream today, we spent time on the prop firm, specifically how much would be a reasonable annual wage for our traders.

We also also covered the FTMO challenge and how our back-testing would convert to live trading. Obviously it’s very different, we have spreads, mistakes and of course the wait between trades, we cannot move from trade to trade as you can when you are back-'testing.

During the New York session we had a potential trade, it wasn’t the best set up and we didn't take it turned out to be a good decision as it went on to

be a losing set up…

Things continued along the same path our first actual trade started nicely before BOOM shooting against us and stopping us out. The trials and tribulations of trading!

So no luck today, three losers in a row, but as we know thanks to the 3/1 risk reward that we use for our strategy we can quickly cover that and move into profit...Lets see what Monday brings. :)