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Forex Trading Livestream Sessions | 20th January 2021

Updated: Jan 23

London Session

We didn't have any actual trade setups for the first hour of the stream as it was outside of the new trading hours that we decided upon yesterday. So instead we had a really positive discussion on the new prop firm and the direction we hope for it to go in.

Then we gave some thought to changing the streaming hours given the direction the strategy was going in it made sense. At the moment we're thinking 8-9 London and 2-4 New York,

After that we ended the stream.

New York 1pm

There was a good set up that we looked at but didn't take as it was out of hours, some...

Trading requires a lot of patience, as you spend most of your time waiting for a set up, if you want to become profitable unfortunately you just have to get used to this. To fill in time we got onto discussing asymmetrical compounding and how you can use it to help pass the FTMO challenge.

Finally our first set up of the day, this one went against, onwards and upwards!

Someone asked if we could review the strategy, so I gave a brief explanation...I think that was clear :)

Then another trade, this one went our way pretty quickly for a 3R profit, which meant another profitable day, nice way to end the stream…

New York Session

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