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Forex Trading Livestream Sessions | 19th January 2021

Updated: Jan 23

London Session

Really positive stream ending with a major revelation for the strategy!

Starting off with a quick reminder of the stream times before quickly moving on to our first entry…

As you can see below, unfortunately we were tagged out of this one, all part of trading, as long as we plan our trades and trade our plan it’s all good :)

Next up we discussed compounding and how it can be used to pass the FTMO CHALLENGE in as little as two trades.

We took a look at the strategies performance so far, i’m sure you will agree, very positive results and as you’ll see towards the end of the stream things are about to get even better.

Nearing the end of the London session another trade pops up, I didn't take this one. Even though it’s probably a better opportunity than the first trade this hour, however rules are meant to be followed so I had to let it go by.

During the stream I mentioned our Spotify podcast, please do check it out if you have time, we also briefly touched on the Trading World Cup of all things, before moving on to discuss the comparative performance of the London and New York session with some interesting findings.

So as it turns out omitting certain hours of the London session had a massive impact on the returns of the strategy producing some really positive results. I’m thinking right now that it’s definitely the way forward. Check them out for yourself…

So moving on to the New York stream we opened with a quick overview of this morning’s London session. Highlighting the newly found data that saw returns increased by 12%!

Progress is being made regarding the potential opening of a prop firm and erm likening football managers to traders and prop firm ownership??? Yeah i’m not quite sure how that happened either :)

During the stream another trading opportunity arose…

It’s been a very productive day please be sure to check out the stream replays, i’m confident you'll find some value in there.

I cut the stream a little early this afternoon as i’m eager to get working on the progress of the new prop firm exciting times ahead!

See you tomorrow.

New York Session

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