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Everything you need

to trade up to $2,000,000

With TradeHappy's programmers, capital size, and challenge time, 
you can trade like an institutional trader while being at home.
Choose your starting capital size below.
Training From Day 1

Receive a complete trader video course.

All our traders receive an In-depth video course covering psychology, multiple strategies tailored for different psychology profiles, backtesting, and more!
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Your journey to become

a 7 figure trader begins here.

Test your skills with our
20k challenge and see if you
have what it takes.
Earn money from your trading performance. The better you
trade the more you make.
Receive up to £60,000 a year
wage alongside trading
performance bonuses!

What you will receive when you're a TradeHappy trader.

✔ Training And Coaching: Receive training from our full-time trader to help you with performance, psychology, and stress.

✔ Performance Rewards: If you hit personal performance metrics, you will receive rewards.

✔ Yearly Wage: Stop worrying about needing to make money, we have you covered with as much as £60,000 yearly wage.

✔ Team Holidays: Become an Elite trader? As a team, we travel the world and get exclusive experiences.

✔ Daily Team Calls: Our daily team calls make sure our abroad traders are held to the same standard as our in-house traders.

✔ Direct Market Execution: We trade directly with a liquidity provider through a third party technology partner

✔ Team Performance Rewards: We are one firm working towards a goal. If we hit our company metrics we all get rewarded.

✔ Flexible Trading Styles: Trade any trading strategy, style, any time of the day, hedge positions, leave trades over the weekend.

✔ Remote Trading: Work from anywhere in the world with all the benefits of an in-house trading firm.

The TradeHappy challenge

specifications and details.

Starting Capital

The goal for TradeHappy is to create happy Elite 7 figure traders. We do this by giving each of our traders $20,000 or $60,000 to trade on a live account.
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Profit Target

To pass the challenge the profit target is $300. This first target is 6% of the total $5,000 evaluation capital amount.

Max Loss

The max loss during the challenge is 4% Relative drawdown $‎. The max loss, once you have passed, is 4% fixed loss from the initial balance (not relative).
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Capital Increase

If you reach 12.5% we will double your trading capital. The maximum that our traders can trade at the moment is $2,000,000.

Elite Traders

Once you're trading $640k and you hit the capital increase target, you will have the chance to apply to become an Elite trader.
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Time & Rules

We give our traders 1 year to pass the challenge and have no rules around hedging, news, or expert advisors. Trade happy and trade stress-free.

For every funded trader, we will plant a tree.

For every TradeHappy funded trader, we will plant a tree to help the global ecosystem. Global warming is a hard truth and as a community, we can help to make the world a better place for future generations.
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Dedicated algorithm and indicator programmer.

All our traders have access to a dedicated algorithm and indicator programmer to help with automating and helping their trading. 

Free risk management tool for all traders.

All our funded traders receive an exclusive risk management tool created by our programmers.
Video Conference

Free Forex trading video course.

All our traders receive a Forex trading video course to help them with psychology, risk management, trading strategies, and more.

Funded trader

Discord role.

All our funded traders receive an exclusive funded trader Discord role.
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Get your funded trader challenge now.

Frequently asked questions

Can I become an Elite trader without passing the challenge?

No. All our Elite traders have to pass the challenge and reach 7 figure trader status first, we then offer them a full-time role. We offer our Elite traders up to £60,000 In a yearly wage and performance bonuses on top, a book a month, team holidays and more.

Can I see more details around the challenge?

Yes! You can see a full breakdown of the challenge details and how everything works in the image above. If you need any questions answered or need any personal help, contact us using the email provided: TradeHappy.Contact@gmail.com

Why would I choose TradeHappy over other prop firms?

Good question! If you're looking to trade 7 figures and become a trader that can trade with big numbers, we are a perfect firm for you. Our main focus is to create happy, stress free 7 figure traders that get exclusive bonuses and perks. Here are a few reasons we are the best prop firm for serious traders: 1. Top Trader Reward 2. 1 On 1 Wealth Building Coaching​ 3. Performance Rewards 4. Yearly Wage Up To £60k 5. Team Holidays 6. Daily Team Calls 7. Free Gym Membership 8. Team Performance Rewards 9. Flexible Trading Styles ​10. Remote Trading 11. Build Your Own Trading Team

Are there any trading rules?

The only rules we have are risk management rules. You can trade all of the following styles: 1. All trading styles are allowed 2. EAs are allowed 3. Hedging is allowed 4. Holding trades overnight is allowed 5. Holding trades over the weekend is allowed 6. Trading news is allowed

What assets can I trade?


How can I withdraw profits?

Withdraw as much or as little as you like. All our profits are converted from USD to GBP and payed in GBP to our traders upon request. Once requested, you will be payed the requested amount.

Note: Any profits made by violation of the risk policies will be deducted from the final profit target upon passing the evaluation.
Any open trades are unrealised profit or loss. They are not taken into consideration unless they have been closed before the last day of the month. If the trader makes no profit in a given month, no profit will be paid until the trader recovers the losses. All of the profits are withdrawn automatically each month to enable TradeHappy Limited to pay traders as fast as possible upon request.

Stop Loss Guide

All traders must place a maximum stop loss of 1.5% per trade within the 1 minute for every and each pending limit order, stop order, and/or market order and for all open trades. If you open multiple positions on the same currency pair, each position's risk can be up to 1.5% of the initial account balance (not current recent balance). For example, the funded trader cannot risk 3% in one trade. However, he/she can open 2, or more, positions with 1.5% risk each on the same or dierent pairs.

Who Can Trade For TradeHappy?

Traders from any nationality from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, & New Zealand.